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2024 Biostatistics Workshop


About The Workshop

VanML 2024: an online biostatistics and epidemiology workshop about integrating advanced computational and statistical techniques into research or projects. The workshop, led by academics and experienced biostatisticians, delves into the intricacies of modern epidemiological research, including its applications to genetics, public health, and infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


To access the recorded talks and materials, visit

Workshop Topics: 

- Dr. Lloyd Elliott: Welcome and announcements

- Sonny Min: Inference using MCMC and STAN

- Renny Doig: Applications for STAN

- Dr. Steven Walker: Epidemiological modelling with MACPAN2

- Dr. Lloyd Elliott: Using supercomputers effectively

- Dr. Jessica Stockdale: Phylogenetics theory 

- Dr. Benjamin Sobkowiak: Applications of BEAST to phylogenetics

- Matthew Parker: Computational efficiency and precision with R

- Dr. Daniel McDonald: Epidemiological forecasting

Note: the workshop was held live on Feb 22 and Feb 23, 2024, and attendees who registered in advance had additional hands-on components and QA sessions, which were not recorded.


For further information, please contact us at:

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